Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordings that touch my Heart...

  • Life is a GAME...,
sometimes you win; sometimes you lose...
But no matter what your cards in Life;
whether club, spade or diamond..
always remember..,
never play without a Heart..

  • In the Rhythm of LIFE...,
we sometime find ourselves out of TUNE..,
but as long as there is LOVE in our hearts to provide the melody..,
the MUSIC plays on and on and on.....

  • Life is not a race, it is a Journey.....

getting someplace first, before anyone else,

has very little real and lasting meaning.

seek instead to encourage others to come along,

and we'll find the Journey much more fulfilling.

  • Every Person you encounter,

whom you interact with;

is there to teach you something.

Sometimes it may be years before you realize

what each had to show you...

  • The strength of a relationship depends on the time you spend towards it…

You are never busy for the ones you care…

Remember…You always have those five minutes for your close ones...